HEALING  PEARLS:  Heal with Swashna

Yoga Nidra Healing Meditation

Yoga nidra is not an exercise. It is the art of conscious deep relaxation meditation where we learn to let go of control and access the subtle flow of prana in our body to manifest healing by crystalizing our intention through cutting all communication between mind and the senses. The body is asleep but the mind is awake is an active participant in the healing process. This guided meditation will take you on a journey deep inside, using your awareness to remove blockages and support the healing of your body and mind~ in essence you will be guided on a journey to heal yourself. This is when EGO becomes static and all maya (illusion) can be transcended. 

Now imagine the Yoga Nidra combined with spiritual mantras and energetic healing. We bring in energy healing through beings of love and light, Mother Earth (Gaia), ascended masters, spirit guides & teams, and more!

Health Benefits

  • Decreases anxiety and depression
  • Improves circulation and stabilizes blood sugar
  • Improves functioning of the immune system & increases vitality
  • Supports sympathetic nervous system activity (fight or flight)
  • Access theta brain state with secondary alpha waves
  • Relieves pain, reduces inflammation and decreases anger
  • Helps increase gamma wave activity in ADHD
  • Scientific results have shown increase in well-being for PTSD
  • Overall increases dopamine production thus increasing feelings of happiness, sense of pleasure, contentment, enthusiasm, bliss being more inspired & alert, active with clarity of thought over anger, self-confidence and empowerment
  • And More!

Group Sessions:

  • Virtual on zoom | $20.00 | Held once a month. Message directly for dates.
  • In person | $35.00 | Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa. Heal once a month for new moon intention. Dates vary. Message directly for dates.

Corporate Rates:

Please call or email to find out corporate rates.

Individualized Sessions:

Available upon request.


Classical Yoga Nidra Group Sessions


$20.00 Per class on Zoom_ online.

$35.00 Per class when classes resume back after COVID restrictions are lifted. Location: Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa. These meditations will be held on New Moon Days.

Essentials to bring to the class

-Yoga Mat


-Small pillow for head rest

-Eye Mask

-Water to drink [normal temperature or warm]

-Any other prop that may help to bring more comfort during the session