HEALING  PEARLS:  Heal with Swashna

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, Ancient Wisdom from India.Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, and Sanskrit is one of the oldest language written on the planet. Ayurveda basically means knowledge of life. If you know Ayurvedic knowledge then you know the medicine. When you have the knowledge and incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life than you do not require medicine. Thus- Ayurveda is also known as science of life. Ayurveda not only works on gross body but also works spiritual/subtle aspect of the human body.

Ayurvedic Fundamental Drive

  • The maintenance of good health
  • Desire for longevity
  • Spiritual Enlightenment

All together helps one pursue their most spiritual goal/path where one finds fulfillment, truth and dharma.

     Healing through Ayurveda creates, Harmonious lifestyle, improvement in health, a peaceful state of mind that is content and maximum life extension.

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor

I will educate clients on how to live in harmony with their environment according to the principles of Ayurveda. This includes helping patients understand their natural constitution and states of imbalance, along with guiding patients to utilize five sense therapies to create an optimal environment within their body for healing to take place.

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“May the light of the Divine Healer illuminate your heart and your mind and may you always know that you are well”

Dr. Marc Halpern