HEALING  PEARLS:  Heal with Swashna

What our customers are saying

Swashna you are an incredible reader and I am so blessed to have her in my souls path. Her reading took me to a deeper level of my soul where I needed to find stillness and reflection to feel wholesome and stay in my path with strong faith. Her message is so pure, clear and have her unique touch of healing energy. I highly recommend her powerful readings. Thank you so much Swashna for this blessed experience. 

Love & light- Teza Zialcita. January 27, 2019

What our customers are saying

Swashna recently did a psychic reading for me with her new card deck that she developed. WOW! it was very impressive in the topics, which showed what current situations were/are ongoing and the accurate & intensive details that came up. some readers only provide entertainment style sessions; when you book your session then prepare to do your own soul searching & healing.

Paisley Town- Psychic Reader- Feb 5, 2019

What our customers are saying

Swashna read for me with her new deck. It was very insightful. The messages that came to her meant so much and brought the answers all together. It has given me much to think about and work on. Thank you so much. 

Brenda V.- Feb 5, 2019

What our customers are saying

Swashna read for me tonight. It was awesome to see how everything came together. Very insightful. First time I ever met her so we knew nothing about each other. She is very good. Thanks for the insights.

Stephanie F.- Feb 5, 2019

What our customers are saying

Swashna Prasad has a special gift for Yoga Nidra. I have practiced with her twice. This was the first time I have experienced this place in Yoga Nidra where I was awake and aware, in a state of deep relaxation, and could sense energetic holdings in my body. Her history of psychic capability and connections to other realms make her an excellent guide. She advised me to be clear in my Sankalpa or desired manifestation. I was and now the obstacles to my Sankalpa are clearing. This is miraculous. We all have the power to manifest in our lives. Swashna can show you how.

Tina W.- May 6, 2019

What our customers are saying

Swashna introduced me to Yoga Nidra and I couldn't be more grateful that it was through her that I had my first experience. For years, I've struggled with falling asleep during deep relaxation exercises and even meditation but her class allowed by body and mind to find balance between "letting go" and "remaining awake and aware". Guiding Yoga Nidra requires gift and Swashna has it, both in her voice and her soul.

Valentina R.- May 7, 2019