HEALING  PEARLS:  Heal with Swashna

Welcome to Pearls of Ayurveda.

My name is Swashna Prasad and Pearls of Ayurveda is one of my beautiful creations as it is my souls passion. 

Story of Pearls of Ayurveda

It has been a wonderful and enlightening journey to come to this point and with eager breath awaiting to master more in my alignment. I am from the beautiful and magnificient land of Fiji Islands. The name "Pearls of Ayurveda" was created to show gratitude to Mother Ocean, combined with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. During my path to self-healing and exploration into my dharma, this oasis has guided me along every foundational step. 

"For she who is all embracing as she who has made a contract to be guardian of all. Dancing every second to the drumbeat of Mother Earth."

Messages from the Mother Ocean ...

"I am the divine child of light and my divine light is an attraction. To understand this you need to understand your own light. Since I am forever embracing, I am therefore precious to all either consciously or unconsciously. I am a temptress for I enchant all. As the ocean beings and animals are a part of me, then 'so are you'. It is not I who forgets, but you" [ Copy write-Spiritual Chanel message by Swashna @ Pearls of Ayurveda]

My Background

My healing journey (with awareness) started around 2011 and it has guided me into this energetic world with such wisdom and enchantment. Along the way I gained experience as a Reiki Healer, Energetic Healer, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Yoga Nidra teacher, Ayurvedic Health Counselor  and a Psychic reader with ability to access the Akashic Realm. In addition, I am also a writer & artist and manifesting my journey to become an author. All these experience has mastered  me to attain freedom and empowerment in my divine light, which is now leading me to use my voice to teach.

“I will give you the keys to solve your life puzzle; however, you have the password to activate your unique puzzle to ascend”

"In this I give you the keys to self-empowerment as this has been one of my own masteries in this life"

Swashna Prasad